Financial/Mortgage lending Valuations

We provide valuations for mortgage purposes to banks and their clients to ensure that the property can support the purchase price. If the property is valued at a lower price than the mortgage provider is willing to lend additional securities will be required.

Litigation support and expert witness testimony

Disputes over property values are quite common, therefore the need for property expert witness testimony for litigation and arbitration becomes vital to support any legal proceedings. Expert witness testimony plays a crucial role for a judge or arbitrator to understand a complicated issue.

With extensive experience in a wide range of specialized valuations based on facts,  together with our expert witness capacity we provide an impartial and expert view on disputed issues.

Probate Valuations

In order for a relative or close relation of the deceased to assume the legal right to handle their assets, they have to carry out a process known as applying for probate.

Before the beneficiary of the property can become the legal owner, the property has to undergo a probate valuation.

We provide an independent Valuation of the property which may be used by the Executor to ascertain the estates value.

Matrimonial Valuations

A Matrimonial Valuation Report will provide you with a value of the property which you can then take forward in separation proceedings.

The valuation can be undertaken on behalf of one of the parties, or alternatively, both parties can jointly instruct a valuer to undertake a valuation of the property.

We provide matrimonial valuation reports for either party to make absolutely sure an impartial value is established through professional judgement.

Compulsory purchase

Compulsory Purchase of land and property and the associated compensation is complex and frequently contentious.

When you have been served a Compulsory Purchase Order, you will need advice on its potential impact, and how to protect your interest and recover the compensation to which you are entitled.

With a comprehensive understanding of the legal technicalities and extensive experience we prepare valuation reports that can be used in negotiations, for court purposesas an expert witness handling your claim from start to finish.

Insurance /Building reinstatement valuations

An insurance valuation looks at the cost of rebuilding your property in the event it’s damaged beyond repair. 

We are able to inspect, measure, look in detail at the physical features of the building such as construction materials and assess the replacement cost of buildings to include allowances for demolition, site clearance and professional fees to eliminate the risks associated with under insurance and will avoid payment of excessive premiums for over insurance.